What’s sweeter than your own success? Perhaps, the success of your life partner. And our Bollywood heartthrobs and newly-married couple Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone seem to know it better than anyone else.

At a recent award function, when Ranveer walked away with the Best Actor award for his performance in Padmavaat, there was one person who looked happier than the actor himself—it was his wife Deepika Padukone. Sitting amidst the audience, a proud Deepika could not help but shed tears of happiness. But what won our hearts was Ranveer’s acknowledgment about the role Deepika played in his life and success.
"I did not get the queen in the film but in real life, I have got my queen," said Ranveer pointing towards Deepika and adding, "Baby, I love you.
Pichhle 6 saal main maine kuch bhi achieve kiya hai, kyunki aap ne mujhe grounded
rakha, centered
rakha. Thank you for everything and I love you.” (Whatever I have achieved in the past six years is because of you. You have kept me grounded and centered and I would like to thank you for everything).

Ranveer got super emotional while accepting the award and left everyone in tears, including Deepika, with his emotional acceptance speech. Although Deepika and Ranveer had attended many award ceremonies together, this was the first time they were at an award ceremony as a married couple.

Ranveer and Deepika tied the knot recently after a much-talked romance of six years. They have always been each other’s biggest support and like Ranveer said, she kept him grounded, and we are sure he is the wind beneath her wings!

(Image sourced from Instagram)

Source: indiatimes.com