Explore the journey of Renault's electric Scenic E-Tech as it vies for the coveted European Car of the Year 2024 award. Discover the historical significance of the Scenic line, its evolution into an all-electric powerhouse, and Renault's commitment to sustainable mobility. Stay tuned for the grand reveal on February 26 at the Geneva fair.

Introduction: In the prestigious race for automotive excellence, Renault proudly announces the electric Scenic E-Tech's ascent to the final round of the European Car of the Year 2024 award. This accolade follows the triumphs of Austral in 2022 and the electric Megane E-Tech in 2021, solidifying Renault's commitment to innovation and sustainability. As anticipation builds for the grand reveal on February 26 at the Geneva fair, let's delve into the rich history of the Scenic line and its transformative journey into the electric frontier.

Finalist Glory: Scenic E-Tech's Triumph in European Car of the Year 2024

Renault's elation is palpable as the electric Scenic E-Tech secures its place among the illustrious finalists for the European Car of the Year 2024 award. A statement from the company expresses pride in this achievement, following the recognition of Austral and the electric Megane E-Tech in previous years. The anticipation heightens as the final winner among the seven contenders will be unveiled on Monday, February 26, at the Geneva fair.

A Legacy of Innovation: Scenic's 27-Year Evolution

The Scenic E-Tech's journey to the final is embedded in the rich history of the Scenic line, which traces its origins back to 1996. Renault proudly acknowledges that the Scenic revolutionized the automotive market by becoming the first compact MPV in European history. The inaugural generation of the Scenic even secured the prestigious Car of the Year award in 1997, marking a pivotal moment in Renault's legacy of innovation.

Transformation into an Electric Pioneer

Today, the Scenic E-Tech stands as a testament to Renault's dedication to progress. Evolving from its inception as a compact MPV, the Scenic has embraced an all-electric powertrain, redefining the C-segment for families. Renault emphasizes that the Scenic E-Tech, while maintaining its pioneering and family-friendly DNA, encourages families to travel sustainably.

Versatility Redefined: Scenic E-Tech's Family-Centric Design

Renault positions the Scenic E-Tech as the quintessential electric family vehicle, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern families. Crafted to serve as the primary family car, it seamlessly transitions between city driving and extended journeys. With a compact build for urban convenience (4.47 meters) and spacious interiors catering to longer trips, the Scenic E-Tech boasts an impressive range of 625 kilometers (WLTP), ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable travel experience.

Renault's Decade-Long Commitment to Electric Mobility

The announcement underlines Renault's unwavering commitment to making electric mobility accessible to everyone for over a decade. The Scenic E-Tech aligns seamlessly with Renault's strategic plan, representing a sustainably designed electric car equipped with intuitive technology. Building on the success of the ZOE, the electric Megane E-Tech, and now the Scenic, Renault emerges as a leader in the new era of sustainable mobility.

Paving the Way for Sustainable Mobility

Renault's commitment to sustainability extends beyond the Scenic E-Tech, encompassing a strategic vision for electric mobility. Positioned as a key model to accelerate the adoption of fully electric vehicles, the Scenic E-Tech, along with its electric counterparts, embodies Renault's leadership in steering the automotive industry towards a future of sustainable and eco-conscious mobility.

As the European Car of the Year 2024 award ceremony looms, Renault's Scenic E-Tech stands poised for greatness. The culmination of a legacy that spans over two decades, the Scenic E-Tech signifies Renault's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and the transformative power of electric mobility. On February 26, all eyes will be on Geneva as the automotive world awaits the unveiling of the next European Car of the Year.