Legendary Highlife musician, Rex Omar has threatened to sue Zylofon Media in a one million dollar lawsuit for a copy right infringement.

According to him, his action was necessitated after Zylofon FM played one of his yet-to-released songs without consulting him after he had given it to a Zylofon ambassador to critique.

Born Rex Owusu Marfo, the veteran musician in an interview on Hitz FM Thursday admitted that he is taking advantage of the situation to take his part of the Zylofon Cash.

He said; “Ii you’re praying you don’t wish a poor man to knock you down with his car. I don’t have a problem with Obibini.”

“I wanted to revive Highlife. I kept going to the studio for two years. I give it to you purposely to listen and by the time I realised, you play it on radio. That is not right and that is not how I want it to come out. People must understand that most creative people have some emotion attached to their work,”

“They must do the right thing. They have to pay me money. We need to negotiate. I am dealing with the label. Every song I write out has a million dollar value and you know that Zylofon is “dosted” [Rich]. Now Zylofon has used my music, bingo, it is business!…” he added. He further pointed out that “if I give you a beer to drink as my visitor, it doesn’t mean you can go into my fridge anytime.”