SADA commissioning a water system
SADA commissioning a water system

The Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) under its Millennium Villages Project (MVP) has provided residents of Kunkua in the Mamprugu Moaduri district and Uwasi in the Builsa South district in the Northern and Upper East Region respectively with potable water.

Residents in these communities are cut off from neighboring communities by terrible road network systems particularly in the rainy season.

They also travel several kilometers competing with animals for water in dugouts and streams.

But at the commissioning of a 50,000 liters small town water system by SADA MVP in Kunkua provide potable drinking water to 8,000 people and one in Uwasi to supply 3,000 people.

Speaking at the ceremony at Kunkua, Team Leader of SADA MVP, Mr. David Sumbo said the water projects will give relief to the residents who walk miles in search of water and prevent diseases associated with contaminated water.

Mr. Sumbo added that, SADA MVP which operates in 35 communities since 2012 in the Builsa South district of the Upper East Region, West Mamprusi and Mamprugu-Moaduri Districts, both in the Northern region have provide health care facilities to take care of the health needs.“We have constructed ten health centers and rehabilitated others, one in Nabari, Dou and Kpesekpe. Before we came here in 2012, there was no midwives in Kunkua but today all health centers here have at least one midwife. we have provided them with ambulances one in Kpesekpe and the other in Fumbisi.”

Some residents of the area told Citinews their problem has been solved with the commissioning of a small town water system and others interventions by SADA MVP.

Janet Ananpasse a resident said “Before SADA MVP, we use walk several miles in search for water. we complete with animals for stream and dugout water which gives us diseases because it is contaminated. But now SADA MVP has provided us with small town water system we are grateful”.

“we use to travel 70-80 kilometers to Walewale, Sandema or Wiaga to seek health care but with the SADA MVP we now have the Kunkua health center furnished with drugs all year round, so now we are relief” Mr. Prosper Yakubu stated.

Mr. Sumbo said the project has supported deprived basic schools with furniture and recruited hundreds of youth as community volunteers in health and education. According to Sumbo, about 1,500 women in the target communities are benefiting immersing from SADA MVP savings and loans scheme.

Mr. Sumbo said, the project has improved the living conditions of the people in the target communities due to the integrated nature of the project.

SADA MVP started in 2012 in the Northern and Upper East Regions prioritizing health, education, road infrastructure, and agriculture areas in deprived communities.

source: GhanaWeb