Samsung is forging ahead with plans for its next Galaxy Note smartphone.

The Note range suffered a terrible setback this summer when replacement devices sent-out following the first worldwide recall started to overheat due to battery problems, with some handsets even exploding.

Following the disastrous Note 7 recall, which led to the permanent discontinuation of the phone, many believed Samsung would scrap the range entirely.

However, Samsung has revealed that a follow-up to the Note 7 is already in the works.

Earlier this week, the technology company told South Korean customers they would be able to trade in a Galaxy S7 for the upcoming Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 when they launch next year.

The statement was designed to restore customer loyalty in the brand. It also confirmed that a new Galaxy Note device was in the pipeline at Samsung.

According to The Investor, Samsung is in talks with LG in the hopes to secure the latter as the manufacturer of the phablet batteries to power its next Note phone.

LG is the company's biggest rival in South Korea.

Previously, Samsung has used its own batteries – or those from ATL – to power its Note range.

The Note 7 is water resistant, something that may have contributed to the overheating problems EXPRESS NEWSPAPERS

The Note 7 is water resistant, something that may have contributed to the overheating problems

Samsung has yet to reveal what caused the overheating issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, however, some have speculated that the composition of the lithium-ion battery was partly to blame.

“The talks have not yet been completed, but it seems highly likely for the two firms to sign a deal,” a person familiar with the firm's plans told The Investor.

The next Samsung flagship smartphone will be the Galaxy S8, which is rumoured to launch in early 2017.

However the timeframe of the deal with LG means the first fruits of the new deal, should it be signed, will likely appear in summer 2017 – when the Note 7 will most likely be unveiled.

In addition to LG Chem, Samsung is also reportedly in talks with LG Display to provide LCD displays for some Samsung products in the future.

Samsung’s primary supplier Sharp told the South Korean firm it would stop supplying LCD panels next year.

The news comes as reports that Google was working with LG Display to deliver smartphone displays capable of folding emerged online.

The new foldable displays would allow for phones that open like a book, making for a more natural experience when reading ebooks or even watching video.