Guess you’ve not forgotten about Sarkodie and Mark Okraku Mantey’s ‘Kookoko’ brouhaha right?

Yes, Sarkodie and Mark Okraku Mantey seem to reach an agreement where the disagreement with respect to the Kookoko song has been quashed.

Ace producer, Mark Okraku Mantey met up with Sarkodie and his lawyer at 4pm on Saturday and it seemed they’ve finally reached a decision per the way Mark was smiling.

According to Mark Okraku-Mantey, he is the executive producer of the song and he felt that Sarkodie didn’t put some ‘respeck’ on his name, and that whether tribute song or not, since he’s the executive producer of the song, Sarkodie should have contacted him before going ahead to do the remake of Daasebre Gyamenah’s Kookoko song, and hence the sue issue.

So for now, we all can be certain that both Mark Okraku Mantey and Sarkodie are in a comfortable lead since the court case will no longer come on.

Source: thebigtriceonline