Despite the economic challenges,the Strategic African Security SAS) outperformed its benchmark Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE).Official reports indicate.

A year-to-date return of -0.17 %  fund was made as against the GSE Composite index.

While briefing stakeholders at the 11th annual general meeting held in Accra,the fund manager,Anthony Degbato   revealed that the fund still remains an attractive investment vehicle for our shareholders  and potential shareholders.

He said,the funds' performance as compared to the benchmark indices was as a result of the prudent measures put in place to ensure the fund is well diversified to reduce the impact of the bearish market experienced in 2015.

Mr Degbato said they will continue to monitor the overall economy indicators to take advantage of investment opportunities with blue chip companies who have stable business models.

"we will continue with the active re-balancing of the fund when necessary to generate the value for shareholders".He said.

."The economic outlook in Ghana with GDP growth gaining momentum,it is my hope that we see a fiscal discipline from government though in an election year to correct the  economic imbalance currently experience."

Mr Degbato was positive of a resilient economy in a recovery in the stock market.

The SAS Fortune Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that seeks medium to long-term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of listed and unlisted equity and debt securities.

Maxwell Logan,board chairman of the fund urged shareholders to increase their holding saying,"the fund will not only give you a competitive return but also remain one of the best equity mutual funds in Ghana 2016 Global Data Point".

Abubakr Salim