The ultimate responsibility of political or leadership in general interest of all. Students politics is therefore to be seen to champion the interest of students.
However, this purpose is perceptibly going down the drain as national politics is disintegrating grass root student politics. Students unions like NUGS, USAG, SRC etc had stronger voice when these unions were independent devoid of political infiltration. Even though students politics has produced national politicians eg. Hon Haruna Iddrissu (Minority Leader),  Hon Okudzato Ablakwah et al over the years and political parties have campus groups as SRC, NUGS, USAG among others should be seen pursuing the interest of students.

       It's was quite shameful when an ordinary Ghanaian student end up not benefiting from our unions just because of parochial interest of some selfish and stingy students who oversee their personal interest above general interest.

A union like USAG has lost its credibility because it's quite disheartening to see students bringing in illiterates to vote them to power. What message are we sending across to the outside world?  What are they generation coming going to learn from us?

      I'm not surprise a lot of schools absented themselves from this emergency Congress because ONLY USAG can't waste our time just because of their own 'MAFIA' agenda they have in mind.

      I would end here and continue in my next edition.

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