Ki-kim, ki-kim, ki-kim,' ?sono has stampeded its way back to Kurom from the forest. Those who wished it into the forest and thought it would remain there while also working to get it to stay there forever, are in shock.

In ?s?ikrom, 'Nana b?ba' bread is now selling as 'Nana aba' bread.  ?sono w? kurom which means Nana  w? kurom. It's all systems go. The against people are now eating crow.

Moving ahead with development in freedom, it's looking like our generation is so old that we may have to rely on those after us, not of our kind and before, to prosecute the one district-one factory and the one village one dam, as well as all others promised during the 2016 election campaign. No matter what we sexagenarians and especially septuagenarians do, we must not, cannot and should not go and sit behind any ministerial desks and think we can move the motherland development agenda that way.

Maybe the appointer may want to consider a handful of sexagenarians to achieve a mix of a majority of the 40s and 50s and ONLY a couple of the below 40s, if any at all. That would make a team of leaders and learners who have the wherewithal to teach the older ones something. At the same time, to ensure all hands are on deck, there must be a way of encouraging the young who think joining a queue is punishment that they only need to work hard to acquire the skills that would make them future effective motherland builders.

Indeed, a contemplation of hand over to the youth cannot be expected at this point in the motherland's effort at development.

No one will confidently say that given what we just got from a 'youthful' congress government. Youth in age only without the requisite life skills and experiences for governing to develop a motherland can be dangerous. In our setting, such are not easily acquired in one's youthful times.

The motherland is thus, left with the in-between the old and the young, specifically the middle-aged.

If we can find the type who have successfully pursued careers to own a house and maybe a car, we could be getting somewhere with less self-seeking appointees.

The obsession of members of the departing administration with the automobile as a symbol of status, power and particularly, as bribe material, is unbelievable.

We just heard incomplete diagnosis of the congress election rout. It left out the most important practice of joining congress to prosper at the expense of the state without any life and living competencies.

Its ideology of distributing before thinking production is bankrupt in nation building capacity.

How soon such characteristics can easily be acquired or developed to be ready to govern for development is a good guess.