SHAMS Writes: Islam for sale to !*

Go to Korle Intensive Care Unit(ICU) and see the number of people who need just about GHc5,000 to redeem their lives.

The argument some people make is that, The Chief Imam has been donating to those areas of life in which people face difficulties. But is he done with the provision of criticsl reliefs to the Muslim Umma? If you are engaged in provision of needs, you don't discontinue to spend o ftivolities when you still have critical conditions to deal with.

So long as we still have a teaming number of patients who cannot afford their medical bills, there is no point changing sponsorship to the building of a Cathedral.

Come to think of it...How much did Mensah Otabil contribute to the Cathedral? How much did Obofour contribute?

If donation towards the Cathedral is a symbolism of peaceful co-existence, does it mean the likes of Mensah Otabil, Sam Korankye Ankrah, Obofour, Duncan Williams do not want peaceful Coexistence in Ghana?

Rev. Charles Palmer Buckle himself was at the Chief Imam's residence to take the amount of GHc50,000. How much did he himself contribute to the Cathedral? Does it mean he also doesn't want Peaceful Coexistence in Ghana? What a joke of the century! It's a shame!!

Today, Bawumia has become a "Puppet Driver" of Muslims. He is using his position to manipulate Muslims through the Chief Imam. I am scandalized, I swear. Herh!

How much did Bawumia donate during his infamous visit to Ejura with the Chief Imam?

Tweaaa, I cry for muslims!

27th August, 2021.