Ex Man City midfielder Yaya Toure has shocking accused manager Pep Guardiola of treating African players ‘differently’.

In an explosive interview with France Football the Ivorian, who left City in May after eight years at the club, says he wants to "break the myth" about Guardiola, whom he describes as "jealous".

“He [Guardiola] was cruel to me,” Touré said. “You really believe that Barcelona could have done that with Iniesta? I even got to myself ask if it was not because of my colour.

“I am not the first to talk about these differences in treatment. At Barça, I know that some people have also wondered.

“Maybe we Africans are not always treated by some in the same way as others … when we notice that he often has problems with Africans, wherever he is in the past, I’m wondering.

“The day he will line up a team in which we will find five Africans, not ones with citizenship, I promise I will send him a cake.”

Guardiola is yet to respond to Toure’s comments.

By Daraja Mutari/Ghanaguardian.com