A shocking video shows the moment a taxi driver brought out his genitals and began stroking it while he was driving a female passenger.

The driver is seen with one hand on the gear stick and the other on the steering wheel.

All this while, his manhood was erect but hidden by his black t-shirt.

After a while, he removes his hand from the steering wheel and places it on his male member, then strokes it through his shirt.

Later, he pushes his shirt aside, exposing his naked penis and he begins masturbating, not minding the female passenger in his car.

The shocking incident reportedly happened in Abuja, Nigeria.

"The rubbish I witnessed today in a taxi in abj," the female passenger wrote on Twitter as she shared the video.

Taxi driver brings out his male member and starts masturbating while driving female passenger (+18 video)

The video is quite disturbing. See it below: