Do you know most of us spend a third of our day in our beds, sleeping, binge watching series on television or having sex? Yet, when it comes to the frequency of washing our sheets, we all are guilty of not washing (and changing) them enough. But if you can't recall the last time you washed your sheet but clearly remember the last romp you had on it, it is time to put it in the washing machine.

Women change their bed sheets more often, while most men change it only when they feel like it's been many days that they haven't. The data may change for those who take hygiene too seriously, but mostly this is the reality. A random survey revealed that most people wait anywhere between 10-20 days before changing their bedsheets.

Well, first things first, if you have an active sex life, you need a regular laundry schedule. But, surprisingly when you ask people if they should change their sheets after sex, most of them would say that it is gross to not change it post a romp. Interestingly, many did admit that they change their sheets if they have a one-night stand but don't follow it too seriously if they have sex with their partner.

We asked some sexperts (sex experts) what is the general consensus on this and they said that sex or not, everyone should change and wash their sheets at least once a week. This is because your body produces skin cells, smells and fluids in the bed. In some cases, going without washing your sex sheets despite having regular romps on it, can make you prone to STIs (sexually transmitted infection). One STI is trichomoniasis which is badly contagious and can spread easily.

The frequency should be more if you spend more time in bed. If your partner is suffering from flu, that's a good reason to change and wash your sheets daily.