Being in a relationship with someone you love is the only right way to be with someone. If you're with someone who you're never going to fall in love with but has likable traits, you're simply settling for that person. This is because you probably think that nobody is perfect and you won't get the person who is right for you. Are you caught in one of such situations too? You can find it out by picking on these signs:

- You give up on your key values just so you can be in this relationship. Values like respect, dependability, honestly and others matter quite a lot to you and you can't imagine being in a committed relationship with someone who doesn't value these things. But you still somehow settle for this person.

- They do things that you dislike the most and you ignore it as a one time occurrence. Deep down it bothers you every single time they continue to do it but you just gulp it down your throat. These things aren't minor annoyances to you but they involve things like lack of commitment, being dishonest, etc.

- You settle for things you would never otherwise accept in someone and when they do it, you just brush it off by saying it's nothing. This is because you think you don't have a choice but to be in this relationship. You think you're not going to get a partner any better than this so might as well compromise on things.

- You hardly have any communication with this person and so you never feel like you can be yourself with them. You kill your likes and dislikes, you turn into a person who does things that the other person would prefer.

- The intimacy between you two might be great but the minute the moment is over, you lie in bed as if you two are total strangers to each other. It doesn't feel like home to you.