Developing children’s minds is a difficult task for many parents. Learn different strategies to help them become more intelligent both mentally and emotionally.

Developing a child's mind is no easy task for a parent like you. There's no exact science to it but you can encourage your kids to learn new things in different ways and enhance their minds in the process.

One way is to allow your kids to play educational games like Sudoku that comes in different difficulty levels. Websites, like PennyDell Puzzles, offer subscription services to make it easy to get new copies once your child has finished solving one.

You could also read stories with your kids to stimulate their desire for books and develop their listening skills. Aside from these, here are four tricks to help develop your kids' intellectual and emotional intelligence.

Give Your Kids Music Lessons

Kids who have undergone music lessons are likely to have a higher IQ than those who did not. In fact, science shows that musicians have a highly developed brain that allows them to become more interested in calmness and alertness.

Let Them Experience Failure

IQ, without EQ, is useless.

By letting your kids fail, you help develop their emotional intelligence so they will become more well-rounded individuals. Explain to them that failures are not at all negative but are essential in their learning process.

Take Them to Places

You should find time to travel with your kids to different places of historical, cultural, and social importance. This helps them learn more about the world in general. Be sure to provide the right explanation and background information about the places you visit for your kids to form meaningful associations with them.

Encourage Creativity at Every Opportunity

Whether it's as simple as giving your kids coloring books and crayons or a box of clay, you should provide avenues for your kids to explore their creative side. You can also do role plays or ask questions that would stimulate your children's imagination to find the answer. Over time, you should be able to make your child want to explore his or her creativity without your prodding.

Make Every Learning Opportunity Stress-Free

If you force your kids to memorize a bunch of things and then punish them when they fail to do so, you're creating a highly toxic learning environment. This is not an ideal situation.

Instead of sowing the seeds of terror in your kids, make sure every learning opportunity you offer to them is free of stress. This way, your kids will look forward to learning new things and not dread them for fear of being punished.

Encourage Active Learning

Confucius, a Chinese philosopher, once said: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."

This age-old adage simply means individuals form a better appreciation and understanding of things when they do them. It's essentially learning by doing.

Instead of boring your child to death by simply enforcing rote memorization of household chores, make them do the chores. Guide them at first on how to do things right and then let them perform the tasks themselves. This way, you're encouraging them to learn things actively so they are less likely to forget about them.

With these simple tricks, your kids should develop not only their IQ but their EQ as well, so they will become well-rounded individuals with a burning desire for new learnings.