If a flurry of 3D-centric job postings is any indication, your Snap Stories will probably be getting a lot more animated and interactive in the not-so-distant future.

Business Insider noticed the influx of newly opened roles, which are mostly classified as being "Research" positions at Snap's HQ in Los Angeles. The listings call for candidates with 3D design, animation, modeling, rigging and skinning experience.

While many of these positions point to the further development of the ways that we already use Snapchat's augmented reality features (like its filters and World Lenses), others look to be branching out in a new direction, particularly in character design and gaming.

A listing for a performance capture specialist asks for applicants who will not only "[p]roduce 3D assets for innovative computer vision technologies," like the ubiquitous puppy filter, but will also be tasked with multiple motion capture responsibilities like casting actors and developing new motion capture techniques, as the title implies.

Another of the positions requires an expert in designing characters for 3D animation and games with the ability to model "3D characters, clothing, accessories and props."

When you combine the expanded focus on motion capture and the roles that revolve around character design, it's not a stretch to guess that Snapchat's augmented lenses could soon be filled with secondary interactive characters straight out of a video game.

Will these 3D characters stay static, or will we soon be playing games inside our snaps? Without more context it's not entirely clear, as Snap declined to comment about the new positions when reached by Business Insider.

One thing's for sure, though: no matter what Snap does, we'll be ready. As the runaway success of Spectacles has shown, the snapping public is more than eager for the newest way to share every single one of their waking moments.

Source: mashable