We are not in normal times but heartless people in government want to take advantage of the situation to steal from us.

I agree with Opambour, the Nations Prophet One, that the name of the virus is CoronaVirus, and anyone who steals even one pesewa must die from same virus. I wasn't surprised he added that if not because our boarders are closed by now people might have been rushing to Dubai with the COVID19 cash.

Today in Ghana,

1.All NPP PCs in the 275 constituencies have conided with the District Chief Executives and rebranded the COVID19 relief items in their name and pictures which is stealing.

2.Our President said he is feeding 400,000 people with 400 billion cedis but for more than one week now it's only individuals and churches that are seen frontlining and helping the lockdown communities. The so called cooked foods distributed once a while needs Npp cards as clearance. So the question is where is the 400 billion cedis?

3.The President said he has released money for every Kayayee to be given 10cedis a day but till date the Kayayei, per UTV's report, haven't been given even one Cedi.

4.Per figures from Ministry of Finance, government is spending 5,200 Ghana cedis a day on feeding and accommodation on each person quarantined by government which we think is outrageous. Somebody is stealing from our blood and that person must die for spending blood money.

5.100cedis each has been allocated to each security personnel assigned on the COVID19 special duty but according to them they are given 20cedis and officials say they are using the 80cedis to feed them once a day. This is an undiluted witchcraft and those thieves must be punished by God for been so wickid and selfish at this trying times. They must all be miraclelousy infected with the virus and wiped away from the face of this earth. They don't deserve to live at all.

This is the time all of us need to sacrifice for our brothers. This is the time health workers have signed their death warrant to save lives. This is the time some individuals, churches and corporate groups are doing their best to touch lives. It is solem moment that no one knows the next person who will die. But some government officials don't care, all they see is opportunity to enrich themselves.

I wouldn't curse them with schnapps and eggs but will leave them to the God of CoronaVirus. The God who has humbled the whole world with this virus, the God who has brought equality to humanity because of this virus.

I leave all of them and their entire families to God to miracleouly infect all of them with the virus. All those officials who have stolen Veronica buckets from local government and sharing in their names, all politicians who have shared anything from government in their names are all part of the Miracle infection that will soon be at their door steps.

The Bible says the wicked does Not deserve to live and I leave them all to the plague that has befallen us.

May God be our hepler.

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo.