The Member of Parliament (MP) for Kwahu Afram Plains South Constituency, Hon. Eric Osei Wusu has asked Bright Gborgla, the morning show host on Afram 103.3 FM to stop mentioning his name on the station.

The MP, in a phone call asked the presenter never to mention his name on the radio station again.

"But let me also take this as a serious warning and let me be straight, that as from today, desist from mentioning my name on your station. Am serious about it. I want you to understand that and if you dare me and do it I will react to it my own way", he threatened.

The MP explaining himself said he knows the presenter has an agenda which he is working towards.

" I have been monitoring you on your station. I know what you are doing is on a purpose. Am not the kind of person that talks much. I met you once and have spoken to you. Take your professional ethics serious. Do not drag my name into mud to the benefit of your employer if you think you have an agenda", he fumed.

Bright Gborgla on the other hand said he can't recall anything he has done to warrant such a threat.

"I can't remember the last time I did something to the honorable member for him to threaten me. Whatever it is, I have given the voice and an official report to my boss and I believe he will handle it professionally", he said.

It will be recall that, the people of Afram Plains South have been on the neck of the MP for not doing any developmental project in the constituency after he was elected as their MP. They even lamented he has not been visiting his constituency to know how they are faring.