Nutritionist, Nana Kofi Owusu, has advised women to desist from inserting all kinds of local spices into their vagina in the bid to keep it healthy.

He established that lots of Ghanaian women have over the years adopted the use of ginger, pepper and all kinds of harsh local spices as a cure to vaginal inflammatory diseases or as a libido booster.

Nana Owusu, who was speaking at Counsellor George Lutterodt’s “Sexier Together” conference said these spices, particularly the pepper and ginger, do not help but rather possess active components that kill active cells in the vagina.

“Pepre (Black pepper) is not good for the vagina. Ginger and all those local spices are not supposed to be put into the vagina because you are killing the microflora there. Instead of inserting them there, eat them,” he stated.

He noted further, instead of women introducing all kinds of pepper into the vagina, they should switch to the intake of probiotic yogurt as it maintains good vagina health.

“Probiotic yogurt is good for women’s vagina. That natural yogurt is good for the machine,” He mentioned.