Stealing from your employers is not acceptable under any circumstances. Whether it’s just taking a few notepads and pens from the stationery cupboard to money going missing from a till or to an outright attempt to defraud your employer, any of these actions constitutes theft and is unacceptable behaviour regardless of your motives.

When caught either in the act of stealing or when having to confess for one reason or another later, research has shown that many employees cite the fact that the company made it so easy to do so and, therefore, the temptation was too good to resist, even though their overall ethical beliefs would know that stealing was wrong.

The founder and leader of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has advised employees to be faithful to their employers if they want to succeed in life and become job owners one day.

According to Bishop Agyinasare, many businesses are collapsing in Ghana because workers are not only unfaithful but also embezzle company funds and property for their parochial interest.

Speaking at a Sunday service on 2 June 2019 at the Perez Dome, Dzorwulu, Bishop Agyinasare said: “If the job that you are doing, you don’t make it personal, God will not give you your own”.

“And there’re many people who are working for other people they are not faithful to. They sit in the shop, they’re stealing from their bosses and the sad part is that at times people think that when they sit in the shop and they see the money coming, they think it’s the profit, they are forgetting that maybe before the person set up the shop, they took a loan, they have to pay rent for the shop, they have to pay light bills, and if there is an air conditioner in the shop, they pay air condition bill, and when you go to a shop with an air condition, the air you breathe, they add [to the bill] … but people work with people and once they see the money coming, they think it is profit and so many businesses are collapsing because of unfaithful people.”

“Meanwhile, in Ghana, we pride ourselves as 70 per cent Christians. If we are 70 per cent Christians, then it means a lot of people who are employed are Christians but can you be faithful? Can your boss leave his job with you for 10 days and the business will not collapse?” he quizzed.