The Paramount Chief of the Manya Krobo Traditional Area, Nene Sakite, has warned the residents to stop attacking the officials of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) carrying out their duties in the area.

Nene Sakite reactions follows the darkness residents are experiencing for the past 13 days.

The President of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, cited threats as one of the many reasons why the area is still in total darkness.

"One of the reasons why we are in the darkness is that even if ECG make up their mind to give us light and they go round to test the transformers, some people at Manya Kpongunor threaten and pelt them with stones. We can’t be doing so as a people. If you do that to them, what do you expect of them?" He quizzed.

"We should try not to be intimidating the people who come to fix the light for us. I don’t want to hear people inciting people. That’s a threat to our democracy and it has to stop," he warned.

He expressed worry over loss of livelihoods while essential service providers struggle to store drugs and vaccines.

"For the past couple of weeks, we have been in the darkness. It had been bothering me. My children are losing their livelihoods, artisans, cold store operators and even our hospitals. Although we are all feeling the pain, this is their livelihoods. The hospital drugs are being messed up, it’s a big problem," he lamented.

Nene Sakite while cautioning the residents to desist from threatening the ECG staff, also condemned the recent cutting down of electricity pole in the area. He said it was an unacceptable behaviour.

The Paramount Chief called calm and assured the people that authorities are holding talks with the power distribution company to restore the power in the enclave.

The ECG has cut off power to the area to demand safety for their workers.

Several road map decisions to resolve the issue hangs as both the ECG and residents take entrenched positions.

The ECG in a press statement asked residents to pay old bills from 2018 in a space of five years whiles ringfencing bills from 2014.

The installation of prepaid meters has been successful in the Yilo Krobo Municipality, but some residents in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality are resisting the exercise for fear of being deducted old bills they are still contesting.