During the outbreak of COVID19, the whole world faced a series of unfortunate events. People understood the value of life in these challenging times, and to save theirs, everyone chose to stay at home.

The work culture and lifestyle changed, and everything went online. The movie theatres got closed, and people moved to the OTT platforms for entertainment. The percentage of people consuming online data increased drastically, and the streaming companies counted huge profits. However, streaming can be disappointing if your favorite show is not available to you. Especially if subscribers to the same platform but living in a different region have the opportunity to watch it.

This article briefly explains how VPN helps in seamless streaming worldwide and why you should also use it.

What Is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

Virtual Private Network is a tool that lets you visit websites and browse apps in private. It covers your IP address and hides it from cybercriminals. Virtual Private Networks can also be used to access the geo-restricted website or apps and protect your data from being stolen by attackers on any public Wi-Fi.

In simple terms, a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer (referred to as a server) located someplace on the internet, allowing you to access the web using that computer's internet connection. So, if that server is in another nation, it will seem like you are browsing from that country, and you may be able to access things you wouldn't ordinarily be able to.

Therefore, using a VPN can benefit you a lot in every term, whether it’s privacy, secure browsing, protection from cyberattacks, or having access to restricted content.

Here’s Why You Should Always Consider A VPN For Streaming Online Content

Provides Access to Geo-Restricted Services

Many services available on the internet are inaccessible due to the competitive nature of securing licensing agreements across the world. Services such as Hulu, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer are not available in every part of the world. These are accessible only in the US and UK, and no one else with an external IP address can access them.

Nevertheless, people still access these services, and even you can access them by using a VPN. It doesn’t matter where your home is, and it doesn’t matter what your time zone is. Once you have connected your device with a robust streaming VPN, you can access everything. VPN bypasses all geo-restrictions by connecting you to one of the servers based in a particular country. Therefore, you become a part of those countries’ content consumers indirectly.

Access Wider Netflix and Amazon Prime Library

The Netflix and Amazon Prime app is available in every country, but these apps' libraries vary a lot. The content list is different in the US and has more shows than any other country’s library. Therefore, the US library is amongst the most desired for everyone. But, on the contrary, there are few shows which are not available in the US, like Friends or Rick and Morty.

This doesn’t only limit to just one country; it is the case with every country as each nation has its own exclusive content. Therefore, what Germany can access might not be accessible to France users and so on.

So, how can you make it possible to watch content from another country's library? Simple, use a reliable VPN for browsing your favorite content. Suppose you want to access the US library, connect to the country’s server using VPN, and there you go. Enjoy your favorite shows.

Say Bye-Bye to Buffering

Buffering is a common problem that you might also face while streaming your favorite shows. This happens because your Internet Service Providers (ISP) apply bandwidth throttling; they try to act against the network congestion by reducing the connection speed.

ISP throttling is not ideal as it will cause you to experience buffering while watching content and lag while opening websites. Most certainly, to avoid this, you might have to pause the content and wait for its complete loading. This is undoubtedly affecting your experience.

Therefore, to avoid this bandwidth throttling issue, use a good quality VPN. VPN will hide your activities from your internet service provider, which means you are much less likely to experience it next time.

Stream Over Public Wi-Fi Securely

Public Wi-Fi is not secure for browsing anything; it should be avoided in any situation. Most cybercriminals target public Wi-Fi networks, and if you connect to that network, you can probably lose all your details. But, if you cannot avoid using public networks or have to use them in an emergency, connecting to a VPN is the best way to protect yourself online.

Therefore, always use a reliable VPN while connecting to public Wi-Fi. It will provide high-level encryption and private browsing.


Cyberattacks, phishing, and data leaks have become an inevitable part of digital society. Millions of people face these threats daily, but they can be avoided by using VPN. Using a VPN for secure browsing is the best practice that you can adopt.