The Managing Director of EcoBank’s EDC, Paul Kofi Mante, has encouraged young people to seek financial independence to build a resilient future.

Speaking at the Glory Youth Church’s ShaShaCon 2021 conference on the theme ‘The Making of a Kingdom Financier’, he advised that the youth shouldn’t think of money as a way to survive, but an opportunity to transform their own lives, families and the society at large.

“The youth should stop learning to fish in order to eat and rather build the mindset of ‘owning the river on which others and themselves fish to eat,” he said.

Mr Mante, a regular on Citi FM’s Effective Living Series, launched his famous operation one million to motivate participants to build wealth in order to live comfortably as well as support the church by “reaching the unreached by all means possible”.

In his presentation, he added that “money is neutral or irrational, it doesn’t recognize believers or unbelievers” therefore “the most aggressive and proactive person is the one money will come to.”

Also, “don’t only learn how to fish, have the mentality of owning the river. When there’s a lot of money, it’s easier for the gospel to move across to high-end places. Your excellence is an opportunity to rise into high places and influence people for Christ in those high places”, he added.

The youth pastor, Pastor Prince Baidoo, RD was very elated about this progress and encouraged the congregation for the great work they had started.

The event was in three parts: a plenary session; exhibition and breakout sessions. From morning to afternoon, the youth of the Glory Youth Church and other youth in the community enjoyed several opportunities to learn about financing the kingdom of God through investments, building businesses and excelling in their various fields – be it education or careers. 

The exhibition saw several brands from the Youth Church displaying their wares and services. From teenagers to young adults, everyone with a business came forward to show it to the rest of the church and got the adult church involved in seeing what the youth was up to. It was a really inspiring moment.

The brands and businesses ranged from design to fashion design, jewellery and accessories, health, clothing, food, woodwork and interior decor, construction and many more.

Finally, the breakout sessions served the needs of each youth as there were sessions on: pursuing higher education, building an enduring brand, career development and life after school.

These smaller sessions allowed the youth interested in the various topics to ask more probing questions and get direct guidance to help them in their dreams of building businesses, pursuing higher education, supercharging their careers or figuring out what life after school will look like.

ShaShaCon is a yearly Sharpening and Shaping Conference held by the youth wing of the Glory Chapel Assemblies of God in Sakumono.