A midwife at the LEKMA Polyclinic, Rosett Ntriwaah Boakye, has clarified that simply engaging in breast-sucking activities does not serve as a preventive measure against breast cancer.

She emphasised that while it's important to raise awareness about breast cancer and encourage regular breast examinations, sensual activities like breast-sucking should not be misconstrued as a means of preventing the disease.

“Sucking breast alone does not prevent breast cancer,” she stated during an interview with UTV.

She explained that some men misinterpret these breast cancer campaigns as an invitation to engage in sensual activities, involving their partners' breasts.

The midwife also admonished men to be proactive in understanding their partners' breast health.

“I want to use this opportunity to admonish the men, especially when we begin the awareness campaign against breast cancer, they get happy because they want to use this opportunity to suck breasts and massage the breast of their partners.

“Just as they [reference to men] are happy about sucking breast, they should also use this time to study the breasts of their partners; the size, colour, among others. So that you can easily identify the changes that may occur in their partner’s breast,” she explained.

According to Rosett Ntriwaah Boakye, breast health awareness is not only acknowledging the importance of breast examinations, but also ensuring that individuals are well-informed about any changes in their breast tissues.

Early detection and treatment of breast cancer greatly increases the chances of successful outcomes, she added.

“When we have this in mind, anytime we are playing with the breast or our partners, we can help them to identify any changes then they can bring it to the hospital for early treatment,” she added.