The Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC) has questioned the effectiveness of the probe by the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company Limited, BOST, into the case of adulterated fuel recorded in the Ashanti region.

Some nine fuel tankers loaded from TOR have been impounded for adulterating their content in the Ashanti region.

BOST has begun a probe into the incident asiIt gives the assurance that the products will not find their way into the market.

Speaking to Starr News, the Executive Secretary of COPEC Duncan Amoah said the fuel tanker drivers are adulterating the fuel as a result of illegal changes.

He said “that unauthorized monies that he is going to have to pay per load, some of them will definitely have to resort to other ways and means to make up for those monies. And for which reason, some of the transporters will necessarily have to do the wrong thing by way of adulterating the product so that those monies that we are collecting from them, unofficial monies that is taken before you can even get a load to pick from point A to point B from them.”

He went on “if the BNI doesn’t get involved to put a stop to it, we are simply creating a room for these transport operators or the drivers or their owners thereof, to have a need to necessarily do the wrong thing because they’ve already been charged monies even before the loads were assigned.”