The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament has urged the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to widen the tax net to include all farmers.

Joseph Osei Owusu said it is unfair for cocoa farmers to be taxed while other produce farmers go scot free.

“We charge the cocoa farmer about 25 to 30 percent in tax for every bag of cocoa. Why should the plantain farmer or the yam farmer not pay theirs,” he said at an orientation workshop for members of the Parliamentary Press Corp.

He attributed the situation of the cocoa farmers to a ‘system’ by which their produce is bought to why they are compelled to pay.

Mr Osei Owusu also argued that ‘sometimes’, the other farmers are not in the know that their quota is needed to build the country.

“…but the yam farmer does not know that his revenue is part of the resources we use to build the country,” he said.

The Bekwai Member of Parliament also urged Ghanaians to obtain their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and pay their taxes duly.

Mr Osei Owusu says it is these taxes that the government relies on to develop the nation and anyone circumventing tax payment is a foe to the nation.

“We are talking about resources to build the roads we want…therefore, any Ghanaian who does not get a Tax Identification Number and who does not pay his taxes is a nation wrecker,” he said.

The Ghana Revenue Authority has warned all Ghanaians to get the TIN which authorities say will be the 'visa' to engage in business and access other essential services in Ghana.

As of April 1 this year, the public is expected to own a TIN in order to clear goods at the Ports, to obtain Passports, drivers' license among others.