Two overseas branches of the NPP are expressing disgust at Team Alan, over what they call 'a hide-and-seek game" being played with them by Team Alan and its representative.

According to the two branches, France and Austria, a campaign representative of NPP Flagbearership hopeful, Alan Kyerematen, recently made a pledge on behalf of Alan Kyerematen at two separate events by the branches in Austria and France.

The representative, one Richard Bio is said to have represented Alan Kyerematen at both events in Austia and France respectively, which also had representatives of other flagbearership aspirants present.

The Alan representative made financial pledges to the branches, which, strangely, are yet to be fulfilled despite frantic efforts to the Alan Campaign.

First, the Alan envoy made a pledge of $2000 in France at a fundraising event organised by the France branch of the NPP.

After paying $1200 out of the amount pledged, getting the remaining $800 has been very difficult inspite of several reminders to him and the Alan Campaign, executives of NPP France have confirmed.

Again in Austria, the Alan envoy announced he was making a donation of €2000 Euro on behalf of Alan Kyerematen at a fundraising dinner on April 29, 2023, but the money he said he was paying on behalf of Alan Kyerematen was neither paid at the event nor after.

"After he was hosted and taken care of by the branch, Alan's representative made an announcement that Mr. Kyeremanten has given him €2000 to donate on his behalf. He neither gave the money on that day nor the subsequent morning as he promised the executives after the event that night. He left Austria without making the donation,: an executive of NPP Austria branch said.

"Since then, calls to Mr. Bioh and Mr. Kyeremanten’s office in Ghana have failed to bring about any result from the promise. It’s been failed promises and lies by Alan Kyeremanten’s camp," he added.

Meanwhile the executives of Austria have confirmed that representatives of other flagbearership hopefuls, Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia and Kennedy Agyapong fulfilled their promises at the fundraising events on behalf of their principals.

Alhaji Sumaila Ibrahim, who represented the Vice President, paid a donation on behalf of the Vice President while Madam Nana Ama Serwaa, who represebted Kenney Agyepong also fulfilled a pledge made on behalf of Kennedy Agyepong.

Both the France and Austria branches of the NPP have indicated they feel deceived and disrespected by the Alan Campaign and would not ask for the money again since their reminders have been completely ignored.