Dr. Lawrence writes:

When we say Dr. Bawumiah never recovered fully from the London Hospital, people say we are being harsh. Did we hear the most ridiculous comparison he made between COVID-19 and Dumsor? I personally think it was an attempt to divert our attention from the scandal involving GC Net and Uni-Pass. Or was it an attempt to stop the media from discussing the exchange rate? The cedi is 6 cedis to a dollar in the midst of COVID-19, just so you know.

Can someone go into Dr. Bawumiah’s mind and tell me why he decided to compare Apples and Oranges? I mean so Dr. Bawumiah doesn’t know that COVID-19 is a pandemic but Dumsor wasn’t? Dr. Bawumiah doesn’t know that COVID-19 produced lockdowns but Dumsor didn’t? Dr. Bawumiah doesn’t know that COVID-19 forced the closure of boarders but Dumsor didn’t?

So Dr. Bawumiah doesn’t know that IMF didn’t give a loan of $1 billion to Ghana for Dumsor but that was done under COVID-19? Dr. Bawumiah doesn’t know that free feeding and free lights bill were not allowed under Dumsor but they were a requirement under COVID-19? So, Dr. Bawumiah doesn’t know that Dumsor didn’t start with John Mahama but COVID-19 started with Nana Addo? In fact, Nana Addo brought Coronavirus to Ghana.

How many people were infected with Dumsor, but today 2,719 people have been infected with coronavirus. Didn’t Dr. Bawumiah know this? Which countries experienced Dumsor, but today, almost every country has coronavirus. How could Dr. Bawumiah compare that?

So, Dr. Bawumiah doesn’t know that Dumsor was over before they took over? Didn’t President Mahama fix dumsor before he left? How far are we with COVID-19? Do we know when it will be over? Apart from copying from WHO and other failed leaders, what is Nana Addo doing to fix COVID-19?

Aren’t the affected patients growing by the day? If under the auspices of Dumsor, President Mahama could build hospitals but under the auspices of COVID-19, Akufo-Addo could not build hospitals, then the loose-talk Dr. Bawumiah should spare us our ears.

“This is terrible political judgment. We are in the middle of a crisis. We don’t know how it is going to end, yet you are comparing it with a crisis that was managed and resolved more than 4 years ago? Besides, how do you compare a crisis whose cost is calculated in loss of human lives with a crisis whose cost is calculated of material production? And if this does not amount to politicization of the pandemic, what does?”
Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi to Dr. Bawumiah

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement based in USA.