Most growth hormones are released during the baby's sleep. Thus, a well-slept and peaceful night causes newborns to grow and develop during this period. It is worth remembering that a good night's sleep depends on some aspects: a well-ventilated room, with adequate lighting, preferably as dark as possible.

A child who sleeps properly tends to lead a much more peaceful and healthy life. This has been proven by a series of studies.

It is important to highlight that sleep has several stages, but reaching them requires an adaptation of space. Baby sleep is something that is still much discussed in academic circles, several studies point to a broad discussion of the topic.

Many parents suffer from the baby's sleep, several times the newborns wake their parents during the night. They change their biological clock by exchanging night for day.

It is very important to highlight that in the baby's sleep, the sleep cycle lasts, on average, 60 minutes. Experts say reaching all stages is a complicated task for most families around the world.

The baby's sleep has five phases: falling asleep (on average 15 minutes) is like an intermediate zone, in which the newborn is more relaxed; in the second phase, sleep is already a little deeper, the baby still maintains perceptions of those who are awake, but is already asleep, it is usually called almost sleep; in the third phase the sleep is already quite deep, the brain waves are at their minimum stage, in this phase some substances important for learning begin to be released in the child's body; in the fourth phase we have the release of growth hormones and energy recovery, it is an extremely important phase and, only with great tranquility in the environment and complete environment of the child will reach this level; finally, in the fifth phase, the increase in brain activity resumes and it is the moment where dreams form, so we have the feeling that we remember a dream, or we end up awake by someone in the middle of a dream, because it is exactly in the last phase of sleep that we reach it.

The important thing is that none of these phases is interrupted, because all of them, without exception, can hinder some stage in the baby's life.

In certain situations, parents are encouraged to use special products such as Baby Sleep Miracle. Anyway, sleep, as in the life of an adult, has an important and outstanding value, since good sleep will be responsible for a healthy life and learning things, especially when talking about a baby, and his sleep, because in that stage of life, practically everything is learning and novelty.

A healthy life starts with a good sleep, it is easy to think that way, since we spend approximately one third of our lives on the bed. In conclusion, the baby's sleep will be responsible for much of the adult that will be one day, since sleep and quality of life and learning are closely linked forever.