At the time of composing this commentary, tension was high in the country because the Electoral Commission (EC) had not declared the winner of the recent general elections.

Given the effect of the tension on the security of the country, many wondered why the president did not concede defeat when it was clear that he had lost the polls.

Information had it that many international personalities called the president to concede defeat and obviate the tension that the extended processing of results was visiting on the country.

Being the First Gentleman of the land and someone who professed to be a good son of the land, it is our position that President John Mahama should not have waited for such persons to ask him to concede.

Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia has by this development overshadowed our president in terms of dignity. President John Mahama's public posture has not been commensurate with his management of the situation in the country. At a certain time yesterday, it was clear that he had lost the election and, therefore, the continued refusal to concede defeat even when important personalities had implored him to do so was a blemish on his record.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) was represented at the recently convened conference on peace in the aftermath of the declaring of the winner of the polls.

That he refused to concede yesterday suggested that although he partook in the exercise, he did not take it seriously.

Those who lead must exhibit exemplary conduct.
It is regrettable that the country had to be made to suffer such suspense when a simple concession of defeat by the president would have obviated the tension.

We have learnt about how it was likely that the president's young advisers were not too enthused about an early concession or any at all.

Ghana has come a long way in her democratic journey that a president must not refuse to give in if he loses an election.

Given the fallout from election disputes in Africa, the least we expected from the president was the attitude he put up yesterday.

Much as we accepted the excuse of the EC chairperson that she needed time to exhaust all the processes, we are not happy that she could not have declared the winner when at a certain point she could do so easily and without ado.

Just when we were about to complete this commentary, a word came that the president had conceded defeat. Better late than never it is said.

He could have saved himself some dignity by doing so much earlier.

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