The three magical words, ‘I love you’ can catapult a relationship to a whole new level. These words doesn’t merely confirm that two people are in a relationship, but are a testimony of their undying love.

There is no denying the fact that men are less vocal than women when emotions are involved. While your man might have opened up his heart and uttered these magical words to declare his love for you, there will come a time when he may not be saying these enough.

Of course, it would bother you a lot. While you may be nursing an offended heart, look at the brighter side—your man might not be saying ‘I love you’ enough but letting his action do the talking. Let's look at a few such instances...

​Remembers the little things that make you happy

Every time you feel depressed, he gets your favourite cupcake and makes sure it’s nut-free because you are allergic to nuts. He is always there when you need help–be in in the kitchen or office. While these sweet little gestures of love may go unnoticed, but these are the reasons for which he no longer needs to declare frequently how much he loves you.

Your safety is his biggest concern

Your safety is his priority. You can chase those impossible deadlines in office and return home late because he is always there when you need him. If he can’t pick you up from office when you are late, he will make sure that he knows which cab (thanks to GPS) you are using to travel home. If this isn’t love, then what is? His actions are speaking louder than words.

Trust is stronger than love

He may not say it out loud but when he trusts you with his life it means he loves you. Remember the saying, “You may not trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust.” While you may not realise it at the moment, but trust can be sweeter and intoxicating than love sometimes. Also, he trust on you makes him believe that you will be with him for better and for worse. And that faith takes the relationship to a higher level that does not require a person to say 'I love you' every now and then.

Letting you into his life

You are aware of everything that is going on in his life because he keeps you updated. You will be the first person he will call when he gets a promotion. If there is a life changing event, he will come to you first and tell you about it. He might not be saying, ‘I love you’ everyday but these sweet gestures are a sign of his undying love for you.

He treats you as family

When was the last time you talked with your mother and told her how much you love her? In fact, we rarely tell the people we love about how much we love them, right. Same is the case with your man—he loves you and treats you as family. He knows that you are aware of his feelings and he need not prove it by saying it again and again, right?

You are his top priority

Have you ever wondered how he manages time from his busy schedule to take you shopping or attend your friend’s birthday party with you? This is his biggest gift to you—his time and attention because he loves you and it's his way of saying 'I love you'. While you take it for granted and crib about his inadequate declaration of love through words, your man may be busy dreaming about a future together.

Source: timesofindia