Mensah Thompson of ASEPA writes.....

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh"...perhaps one of the most profound statements in the Bible.

As harmless as this may sound, it is a huge confirmation of why this Nation went agog when John Mahama became President.
If you are ever wandered why irrespective of the huge performance of the erstwhile Mahama government people were still complaining bitterly but same people have gone mute under this "all-for-nothing" government?, the answer is in Ursula Owusu's claims.
If you have wandered where our moral Society, the Clergy, Civil Society and others are in the midst of the current thievery and wanton dissipation of our Nation's resources when they were at the peak of their screams under Mahama...then ask Ursula Owusu, she's got the answer.

Ever wandered why our people seemed so dissatisfied with the ultramorden Ridge hospital, the bank of Ghana Hospital, the Legon teaching hospital, the Afari Millitary hospital and several other Chipss Compounds across the Country but now seem to allow the Inauguration of Public toilets slide, then ask Ursula Owusu.

If you ever wandered why the people of Kumasi were still insulting and cursing John Mahama for doing nothing for them even after bequeathing unto them an ultramorden market complex(first of it's kind in the sub region) but are now silent and not equally angry when all this Government has done for them is to turn their city roads into a dust reservoir then ask Ursula Owusu.

If we had recorded just 5% of the corruption and thievery going on under this government under the Mahama administration, trust me this nation would have gone up in flames... but today all we hear is "Politicians are the same!"(No they are NOT)
Don't get too disappointed ask Ursula Owusu she's got all the answers and she is ready to spill it all out.

You see it is now evidently clear that, the sheer hatred, undue vilification and the vile innuendos that characterized the Mahama Government was not because of under performance or his inability to run this Country...Hell No!
It was all because he is a Northerner, a "stranger"!(in the eyes of the real owners)
Because some people in this Country feel this Country belongs to them and the rest are strangers... and their fictitious ego just could not watch on whiles a "total stranger" runs a Country that was bequeathed unto them by their forebears.(their ancestors would be angry with them)
They fed the whole Country with their tribal bigotry and managed to rope their supporters in their tribal games and recruited their supporters to hate a man whose only aspirations was to move this Country forward.

Their plan was to do whatever it takes, to take this Country from him.. they recruited the Clergy, the Chiefs, the Media( who are their strongest ally) and who ever could help them take over the Country including mercenaries and hoodlums.

Today they have the Country that they claim belongs to them, and three years down the line, they have run this Country down more than the "stranger" ever would, they could not build a single thing, they could not achieve even 1% of what the "stranger" achieved in 4years, they have stolen more than the "stranger" could have ever imagined and Ghanaians are more disappointed and have to the realisation that perhaps the phrase *"wokrom P3t3 di wonam a ebi ka"*(when the vulture from your hometown eats your corpse, it leaves some for you) cannot be entire true...
These vultures from our hometown have eaten all our corpse, they are still eating it with impunity and it doesn't look like anything would be left for anyone after four years and we would be better off in the hands of the "stranger" instead.

But you see I don't blame people like Ursula Owusu for our predicaments..No!
I blame the media, I blame the moral Society, I blame the Clergy, I blame our traditional authorities and I blame we Ghanaians.

Frankly the thought that someone is more Ghanaian than another person is an act of treason in itself.
It overthrows the territorial integrity of our Nation and the sacking of public officers like Ursula Owusu who boldly espouse such treasonable comments on national radio would be an underpunishment.
Ursula must be arrested and arraigned before Court for inflaming tribal undertones that are a potential threat for conflict and for treasonable verbose.

This is only way we can continue remain united in promotion of our unitary ambitions as a Country and there can be absolutely no compromise on that.

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA