Some news channels and other social media platforms have been circulating information that is wondering why Hon. Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central, has not been heard on the airwaves for some months now. This has generated rumours some of which have negative and positive feedback. While some Ghanaians have called on him personally to check how he is fairing and wish him well, others seem to be happy because, they have been told the straightforward lawmaker has been struck by some illnesses.

But how did the wicked rumours start? Why would a fellow human being even be rejoicing that, a legislator cum businessman who has been faithful, truthful, benevolent in serving his constituents and country for that matter for almost 30 years is rumoured to be down by sickness?

There has also been allegation in some quarters that, Hon. Agyapong is down with stroke and cannot even walk.

This is not the first time a wicked rumour with nefarious intent has been manufactured against him. It can be recalled that, few days before his travel to the United States, there was allegations emanating from a certain source that, his US green card has been relieved from him by the US authorities and that, he could not travel to the United States again. In spite of such a news, the M.P. still travelled to the US and has been in that jurisdiction for more than three months.

The logical question that comes to mind is, if he had been barred from travelling to the States, why and how was he able to enter? This squarely makes nonsense of the allegations of green card seizure and travel ban by the US.

It is however difficult to understand why some people still believe in the rumours of ill-health when such a fabrication is conspicuously emanating from the same source that lied about a travel ban on him.

It now appears that, we are in an era when some people(shockingly the scholarly), value rumours more than the truism itself. Otherwise, why would some people still doubt what confidants of Hon. Ken will say to deny the allegations, but tend to believe rumours whose mongers have no credibility and no track record in credible information delivery?

This has gone to the extent that, some fake pastors and crooks who call themselves prophets, have unfortunately waded into the rumour to pontificate that, God is punishing the Hon. MP.

There is a saying that, the crowd envy the one who wears the crown. Hon. Kennedy Agyapong positively affects thousands of lives in Ghana and across the world, including the downtrodden, the perishing and other categorise of people in the echelons of society. He is clearly a repository of a lot of benevolence. The strengths and struggles of these people give him the power to operate.

So even if it was true that he was down by sickness, the prayers of the people he has rescued, were enough to let him get healed. But it is refreshing that he was rather taking sometime off his busy schedule to rest and has been seen speaking and walking majestically to calm his well wishers down.

If a group of persons believed to be hirelings and acolytes of political forces in Ghana are the architects behind the rumours against an innocent officer of state without any basis, it speaks volumes of this conspiracy target at him.

It has been very clear that, while some were wondering what was happening to wish him well, others were hoping for his down fall and perhaps subsequent demise. But in all, this should not be surprising to Hon. Ken Agyapong because, if thousand hate him, he still has thousands on his side. Even Jesus Christ told his disciples and the multitude that, woe betides you if all persons love you.

This should be an inspiration to him if he finds time to get to read this piece.

It should be noted that, many rumours are deliberately manufactured as a conspiracy to disparage reputation and the honour of of personalities to achieve personal aggrandisement.

I would therefore like to use this opportunity to appeal and to advise that, information and rumours should always be verified to cross-check before running with same so we do not run down people unnecessarily.

Long live Hon. Kennedy Agyapong.
Long live Ghana.