Marriage was instituted from Heaven above, which means God in His own wisdom made marriage to be a small Heaven on earth. However, marriage if not handled well, could turn soar for some couples.

A Senior Pastor at Harvesters Evangelistic Ministry, Reverend Kwadwo Addai Kyenkyenhene has reiterated marriage should not be broken under any circumstances, since there is no perfect marriage but there can be a successful marriage.

He opined when he delivered a sermon during the churche’s 2018 fasting and prayers programme dubbed ‘Dig Again the Old Wells’.

Speaking at the Bantama based church, the pastor indicated there are challenges in every marriage but couples must be admissive and manage every situation.

“…There’s no perfect marriage but there can be a successful marriage. There’re challenges in every marriage, it’s just a matter of managing them”, he said.

Touching on the relevance of women in marriages, the pastor said God created women to be of help to their husbands and must act as such in their various matrimonial homes.

According to him, marriage should not be broken no matter the circumstances since only death is supposed to separate the two.

Rev. Kyenkyenhene cautioned against couples who quickly abandon their partners in times of troubles and difficulties saying, “it is the time the other party needs you most and the time to show to him/her you truly care”.

“…Both partners are to help lift the other when one is down or in a difficult situation. Two are better than one”, he added.

He cautioned against use of abusive words or language, pride and ineffective communication in marital homes, since according to him, it does not exhibit Christian marriage.

Source: Eric Nana Prekoh /