You must admit that you’ve felt jealous at least once in your life. No matter how understanding or trustworthy you are, a little ounce of jealous has always crept in whenever your husband looked towards another woman or admired someone else. It’s quite common and completely understandable! Jealousy, like others, is also a human emotion that surfaces whenever the circumstances bring forward. It’s okay to feel jealous; sometimes it may result in disastrous break-ups or sometimes can be hilarious! In an account of this, we bring to you 6 women who shared when they felt jealous in their relationships.

1. “We went shopping once and for a split second, I ventured into the women’s section only to come back and find a female assistant looking at my husband in the most flirtatious way. She kept asking what he would prefer to shop for and also said he would look handsome in anything he wore. Oh, the audacity! And my husband like the fool he is smiled and laughed at it!!”
Riya Pariwal, 27 years old

2. “A little jealousy is good, I feel. It keeps the spark alive. I felt really jealous when my husband’s co-worker kept looking at him and saying cue things about how good he is at his work. I glared at her later. But to be honest, I liked the fact that I have my man’s heart when others wanted him.”

Shikha Chakraborty, 31 years old 3. “I was jealous of the time when my husband’s boss preferred him over other workers in the office. My husband said it’s for his promotion and I readily agreed. A few years later, we got divorced. Turns out, he was having an affair. I was right to be jealous.”
Akriti Chabbra, 35 years old

4. “My husband’s former ‘best friend’ used to hang out with us all the time! It made me so mad once that I spoke to my husband (then boyfriend) that she didn’t give us any time at all. He laughed it off saying, he’ll talk to her about it. Next, I found her confessing her love to him, but of course, he refused her. We haven’t seen her since then.”

Smriti Sharma, 28 years old

5. “When you’re pregnant, hormones are all over. So this one time, my husband was watching getting his hair cut and the stylist kept touching his neck unnecessarily. I wanted to rip off her arms right there and then!”

Divya Agarwaal, 30 years old

6. “I definitely get a bit jealous when my husband spends more time with his friends, especially when there’s a female one in the group. She’s been really close to him and supports him like a friend. All that is great, but hey! He’s mine to spend more time with!!”

Samiksha Sinha, 29 years old