The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our lives forever. The virus isn't going away anytime soon and thus, our daily life schedules have been disrupted extensively. The challenges and stakes are so high that many people have been struggling to survive amidst this, mentally and physically. Among all this, relationships in people’s lives have also taken numerous and unpredictable turns. It’s safe to say that dating and relationships won’t be the same again.

With heavy restrictions imposed about maintaining social distancing, many couples have been staying apart since months while some others have only grown closer. Single people have also been navigating through their feelings with a hope to be able to connect with someone worth their time. Virtual dating has become the ‘new normal’ now and people have started adjusting to this weird, never-happened-before life. Every day, a person is experiencing unexpected discoveries in their personal life and relationships. For many, it has only turned for the better and for others, love has never been so brutal.

In account of this, we bring to you a list of certain things you must be experiencing in your life, mainly towards relationships. If you haven’t been able to clearly recognise them, then this will surely give you a broader and lucid perspective. 1. You are struggling in your relationship more than ever Couples who were already fighting a bit more before the pandemic are now arguing relentlessly more than ever. The current environment is so gloomy that couples have started feeling suffocated with their partners, more likely because they can’t go out as often as they used to. “I’m going out to take some fresh air” is no longer an excuse that’s valid in the current situation. People have also been struggling greatly in their long-distance relationships. Staying apart is really hard for those who never experienced long-distance relationships before. The sudden onset of the pandemic didn’t even give us the time to process that most of us will have to stay apart now; no one knows for how long. 2. Anxiety and mood swings are more frequent The unwelcoming aura that is surrounding us has actually caught up with many. There have been several studies that concluded, families and couples are fighting way too much now, and people have become overly emotional recently. The only escape available to us right now is maybe a tiny corner in the part of our homes or maybe a room. The urge to fight and quarrel has grown ever since all this started, and many families are already on the verge of a divorce breakdown. Many people described the situation as, their mind being on overdrive and that anxiety has been pinching them now, more frequently. 3. Being apart is bringing out the truth Couples are facing a distraught long-distance relationship now. Many moved home from their workplaces and so, virtual text messages and video calls are the only resort now. However, many have realised that the current situation of not being able to meet their partner, doesn’t affect them much. Some are terrified that they are not missing their bae as much as they should be doing. This led to a self-confrontation with their own self, whether they are truly enjoying their time with their partner or not. With time, they realised that the truth was harsh and they needed to approach it no matter what. 4. Privacy is a long-lost cause For people who loved their independence, this time has affected them the most. Due to the unavailability of resources, in the beginning, everybody was forced to come back to their homeland where everybody could stay under the family umbrella. This may have been a good spending time for the first two-three months but later, it became frustrating and irritating to stay with everyone and not have an ounce of your privacy left. You’re now craving alone time more than ever, and that’s completely rational. We had earlier designed our lives in a way that we could balance our social, work and family life together. But, now we are only left with our family and work life, that too both of them have merged considerably. 5. The future seems blurry All the plans you had for the future, the pizza dates or even the 7-month anniversary celebration of your relationship, are now truly gone. The pandemic has set an air of utmost uncertainty and personal and interpersonal relationships have been suffering greatly. Even if you both have strong faith about passing through this storm together, you just can’t help but worry and be uncertain of what is yet to come. This confusion and unpredictability can slowly erode your belief in you and your partner, leading for the relationship to doom.

6. Live-ins are a scary thought now

Couples who unexpectedly moved in with each other to adapt to the pandemic’s circumstances are facing the draught in their relationship now. In order to avoid being left alone, people moved in and they were also excited to test their relationships. However, for many, it wasn’t a good decision because they didn’t know whether the moving-in was consciously voluntary or just to adapt to the situation. If it’s the latter, then the relationship will be built on the needy foundation which might catch up with couples later.

7. Break up is inevitable, but you’re waiting it out

By now, you must be sure of at least one thing, that you both are surely going to break up or you’ll be the one to break the news to him. If that’s the case, then the most logical solution is to break up, right? But many people are fearing to take the initiative right now because they are scared to be alone during the time being. Having a partner who at least knows all of you and is helping you get through multiple days and months may seem like a blessing right now. People specifically don’t want to deal with a breakup right now because undeniably, it can cause a lot of stress. Who even wants any of those extra-pandemic stress?

8. You’re connected now more than ever

Even though most of it is negative and scary, people are truly connected now, than before. Even if fights, arguments prevail due to be cooped up together in the house, understanding levels between couples have gone up. They are more aware of each other’s preferences, wants and needs and thus, act accordingly to do their best in keeping each other happy. You no longer have anything to hide anymore. You’ve found your peace with your partner among household chores and beautiful plant trees.