Online dating can be described as a cocoon of dating terms that explain the entire concept very critically. While we come across terms like ghosting, benching and more, we get lost behind ts meanings. Online dating in the current generation consists of a whirlwind of emotions. While we are stuck to our phones to contact your dates now, most of us often don’t realise how exactly our way of talking or expressing ourselves is creating an impression on the other person. Especially, if you have been whelming.

This might be a new dating term that you’ve just come across. But, unknown to you, whelming has been going on for years, without any of us giving it a concrete name, to begin with. Whelming is where your partner keeps telling you about their experience of dating, specifically how they are overwhelmed of that fact that they have so many matches. Hearing this, many would instantly lose interest in the person right in front of them, or the one they are texting.

Whelming occurs unintentionally, and anywhere, anytime

This happens because everyone is always in a rush to show how desirable they are, in all platforms. They would want you to know that they have taken out time to meet or talk to you, hence you should treat the person very royally, to the extent that it becomes ‘overwhelming.’ Most of us have faced this situation at least once where we are repeatedly told the number of matches they have swiped with.

Well suppose this: you’re out on a date and the guy is chatty, which is fine, but, he responds to questions like, “I definitely know the answer. At least all the other women asked me the same. I’m fluent by now.” (and laughs) It may seem flattering to him but are we going to wait until he tells us the number of women he’s shared his burger with. Fleeing the date can only be the possible solution right there and then.

Such a concept is honestly, miserable. It makes the other person feel inferior and such that, they have to complete with the hoard of other dates that the person has gone to. Competing against unknown people for attention and approval is upsetting for the person. Feeling like an option amongst others can make you feel inferior and can lower your self-esteem as well. Your confidence may just quickly take a back seat, during this ‘whelming’ time.

Reasons like these are why running away from dating apps seems a lot easier. However, don’t let these experiences demean your position in the dating market. If you are up for it, don’t hesitate. Even though it isn’t guaranteed that you won’t meet another person who seems to go on with whelming.