To reach the peace again beetween Mauro Icardi and Inter Milan is always more difficult. The club doesn't want to change it's mind, while the footballer  feels he needs legitimacy from the club, and this is something increasingly difficult with the passing of days by days, and to see Icardi in the field of Sunday Derby match is almost impossible.

JUVENTUS - The solution which could agree everybody is a deal swap with Paulo Dybala, so appreciated by Giuseppe Marotta. The problem is the financial fair play  and the request of Paratici to insert an addictional fee about €20m. An economical valuation around €130m, that would help Suning on the budget front, even if it spent a hypothetical €110m for Dybala.

DEAL LIKE DID TO HIGUAIN - For Icardi there is an offer about €8m plus bonuses, up to the €9,5m, the same of Higuain at the moment at Chelsea. A fee that Inter MIlan don'tt want to reach, especially after the extended tug of war of the last few weeks.