We can’t do away with Gospel music despite our religious differences because it’s our main source of daily motivation.

This year hasn’t been too good as compared to last year. There were more hits last year than this year. We can’t tell the cause because everyone has his or her music taste.

Even though this year hasn’t been good, we have had a couple of hit songs in the system.

From OJ’s “Onipa Hia Mmoa” to Nacee’s “Yewo Nyame A Yewo Adzi”, we bring you the top 5 Gospel songs that ruled this year.

1. Nacee - Yewo Nyame A Yewo Adzi feat. Ernest Opoku

2. Jeshurun Okyere - Healing Stream feat. Nathaniel Bassey

3. Mary Agyemang – Change Over

4. Nicholas Omane Acheampong – Mahashala

5. OJ – Onipa Hia Mmoa