Travel is always one of the best memories of a person. We always want such a time to pass in joy and pleasure and certainly not bring trouble. How to spend a vacation in a hot country and keep out of problems?

Trips and vacations are something we are always looking forward to. What could be more fun and exciting than traveling to a new country? However, sometimes when tourists arrive in a hot country, they have to play by local rules. Traveling to hot countries is special, there is often the sea, the sun, high temperatures and sometimes even deserts. How to prepare for such a vacation? What do you need to know to stay healthy and enjoy every moment of the journey? We'll find out together.

Top 5 tips to support health while traveling to hot countries


It's no secret that water is the most important source of health. And this source becomes especially important if we are talking about hot countries. If you are going on an excursion, be sure to bring a large bottle of water. Calculate the amount according to the amount of time you plan to see the sights or be on the beach or go somewhere. It is always better to take more water than less. You should absolutely be sure that you have water with you or the opportunity to buy it.

Colds and diseases

Perhaps some travelers still have the belief that it is difficult to get sick in a hot climate. Often hot countries have long coastlines that are constantly blown by winds. This is especially true of the islands. In the evenings, when the heat usually subsides, even with a light wind, there is a chance of catching a cold. In this regard, it is worth taking care that there is a light sweater or windbreaker in the luggage.

To minimize the risks of illness, try to adjust all the details of the rest. For example, in the era of the epidemic, it is especially important to choose single housing and transport with the least congestion of people. So, car rental services are becoming especially relevant. Car rental services are, in general, one of the main details of a successful trip. Thanks to a rented car, you can move comfortably, not overpay for transport in countries where it is not cheap, and protect yourself. Even in car rental services, you can choose a car to your taste. For example, a Ferrari rent in Dubai, a Lamborghini in Greece, or a Volkswagen in Turkey! Try luxury cars such as Ferrari, where else will you be able to get such a driving experience?


If you intend to go to the mountains, you need to know that the temperature there is lower than in the open area. There is also a lot of moisture in such places, so it does not hurt to have waterproof shoes to avoid colds. It is also not superfluous to wear warm underwear and moisture-resistant clothes. So remember, that mountains are not also about Instagram pics, but also about weather.

Environmental features

In hot countries, tourists can often be haunted by dangers: exotic animals, poisonous dishes and berries, dangerous thermal regimes. It is important to think about this in advance, learn the features of the terrain and be careful.

For example, if you are going to Greece, it is better to take thick rubber shoes for walking on the beach. Otherwise, you risk cutting yourself. While swimming, there is a chance of inadvertently stepping on a sea urchin. Its needles can be easily removed from the foot with olive oil and tweezers, but it is still recommended to consult a doctor to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Of course, it is important to beware of jellyfish, they are almost everywhere. Their burns are not the most pleasant thing that can happen on a journey. If you feel unwell, then in no case should you self-medicate, contact your local doctors!

First aid kit

In conclusion there is one of the most obvious tips – it is important to have a first aid kit with you not only with a standard set of medicines for all ailments, but also with an individual list of medicines that are necessary for you. After all, chronic and individual diseases can worsen in a different thermal environment. And of course do not forget about vitamins, they are important at any time of the year!

Always keep an eye on your body and health, pay attention to all its urges and requests. And be especially careful when traveling. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and be healthy!