1/10Toxic people you should avoid in 2019 for the sake of your mental health

Toxic people you should avoid in 2019 for the sake of your mental health

Another year just went by like a flash. We are excited for the new year to come and hope to start the new year with fresh beginnings. Well, the same should apply to your circle of friends too. Who you choose to grow and celebrate with matter, as they can have a deep impact on you and your life. If you are in a relationship where you feel you are getting nothing in return, this can be considered toxic for your mental health. If you want to start 2019 on a healthy and happy note, do away with these 8 kinds of negative, toxic people.

2/10What is a toxic relationship?

What is a toxic relationship?

According to experts, any kind of relationship that does more harm than good and does not let you grow is toxic for you. The term 'toxic' has such great relevance today that it has been termed as the most popular word of the year. The negative traits of toxic friendship can manifest into an emotional addiction which can be difficult to get rid of.
If you really want 2019 to start on a good note and be involved in a friendship which is judgement or dependency free, stay away from these people:

3/10Dependent adult

Dependent adult

Are you an adult taking care of another adult in your life? Then you know how taxing it can be to cater to people who need you. Getting involved in such a friendship is heavily toxic as it hampers you from concentrating on your own struggles. While it is not necessary that you put an end to helping out friends in need, you should reassess if there is anything in return that you are getting. It is important to be friends with someone who is able to share the same equation and extends a helping hand in times of need.

4/10Judgemental friend

Judgemental friend

We all have one friend who is judgmental. Even if you feel that they are doing you no harm personally, they can pass on the traits onto you as well. They are extremely critical and make you believe that what you do is not worthy and desirable. This can impact the way you make decisions as well.



Ghosting is the evil most people are afraid of, especially in relationships. This can even extend to friendships where the person you count as trustworthy and dependable listen to your woes but vanishes all of a sudden, which can impact you emotionally. Such relationships often are one-directional, with nothing to return.

Source: indiatimes.com