Gospel singer, Ernest Opoku jnr, has expressed disappointment at Tracey Boakye’s act of hailing and broadcasting his sexual prowess.

About three years ago during the premiere of ‘Away Bus’ movie, Tracey, during an interview with Zionfelix, disclosed that in spite of Ernest’s incessant cheating habit, he was a very romantic boyfriend and a beast in bed.

“Ernest knows how to pamper a lady. He is a romantic guy. If I’m to choose two of my exes who are good in bed, Ernest will definitely be a part. Ernest is good in bed, yes! There is no doubt. Ernest to me was good in it,” Tracey expressed.

However, speaking on this development for the first time during an interview with Delay, it appears Ernest was displeased with these statements being uttered publicly.

With a strict demeanor, Ernest said although he dated the popular actress, it was totally inappropriate to make such statements which could put a dent on his ministry.

Ernest Opoku, while insisting that he has his integrity to protect, said he was disturbed when such remarks about him went viral.

“I heard she said I am good in bed and that is what she thinks. I was disturbed when she came to give out such a piece of information. Why would you say that to the public? You see, it is not fine. I am a gospel artiste and making such statements about me would bring down my integrity as a gospel singer,” he stated during an interview with Delay.

Nonetheless, he admitted that he and Tracey were once in an amorous relationship.

Ernest said the fact that he is a gospel singer doesn’t make him a saint.

“We dated for about a year. The fact that someone sings gospel songs doesn’t mean he is a saint. I am not a saint. Also, I am not a womanizer and if women want me, I don’t know. I am not worried and I am not in a haste to be in a relationship now. I am not even dating,” he retorted.

Ernest also clarified that contrary to rumours that he cheated on the actress, it was just some misunderstanding that led to their breakup.

“There was some misunderstanding and that created some form of anger. We are not perfect and Tracey wasn’t a difficult person to date,” he added.

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