The Accra Regional Police Command has apprehended two men who allegedly posed as prophets and defrauded over 400 traders at the Tudu Market under the pretext of delivering them from spiritual bondage.

The suspects, identified as Joseph Brimah, 22, and Derick Kweku Sakyi Baisie, 31, alias Kweku Money, allegedly collected money, mobile phones, tablets and two vehicles- a Kia Optima and Mercedes C Class from the victims.

Luck eluded them when one of the victims who gave GH¢75,000 to them discovered their fraudulent activities and reported the matter to the police.

Confirming the story to DAILY GUIDE, ASP Effia Tenge, the Accra Regional Police spokeswoman, said the suspects allegedly defrauded the victims within a spate of six months.

According to one of the complainants (name withheld), Joseph Braimah came to her shop at Tudu to preach to the traders.

After preaching for the day, Braimah approached the victim, prayed for her and took her phone number, names of her children and promised to add them to his prayer list.

Later Braimah sent his accomplice Kweku Sakyi to the trader to buy some items and gather information about her.

Sakyi visited the trader to buy items and get information about the family.

He subsequently prayed for the woman and advised her to listen to whatever Prophet Braimah would tell her since he was a true man of God. Sakyi later fed Braimah with the information.

The self-styled prophet contacted the victim to inform her that God had revealed certain things about her and the family.

The woman, who was convinced about the prophesy, invited Braimah to her house for prayers and spiritual direction.

Later the woman also gave a testimony about Braimah to her family members and colleagues at Tudu.

He also predicted accident in which the victim and her families would lose their lives.Not satisfied, Braimah collect GH¢75,000 from a sister of one of the traders who had stroke.

He collected an Apple Mac book, iphone from the victim and bolted. The suspect also collected money from another trader who needed a child and bolted.

Police intelligence led to the arrest of Braimah at the shrine of Nana Blame, a renowned fetish priest at Akim Oda in the Eastern Region.

Braimah travelled to the shrine to seek powers to do miracles for the traders. Sakyi was also arrested at Adabraka.

The two have been charged with fraud and would be arraigned before court soon.