Bosses are the key figures who determine your motivations at work. Whether you have a good day or a bad, it is entirely based on the environment your boss create for you. That being said, there are different types of bosses who have different approaches to working with their employees. While some are cooperative and understanding, others are just ambitious and visionaries. There are also bosses who take their time in handling situations as against leaders who are quick decision makers.

If you’re someone who still wonders as to what kind of a boss you have, here’s a list of the most common types of bosses present at different firms and institutions along with a set of their pros and cons.

1. The visionary bosses – The Visionaries are the types of bosses who dream a lot about the future of their company. They have the ability to assess and analyse their company’s potential and can go an extraordinary mile to achieve their goals. All they need is a great set of team who can come up with innovative ideas and ways to fulfill his/her ambitions. Pros: Ambitious, hardworking and good leadership qualities. Cons: Too many expectations and sometimes in order to achieve their futuristic dreams, they forget about their current prospects.
2. The experienced leaders – If your boss knows his/her way around the workings of the firm and understands the technicalities of the professional world, it only indicates that they are experienced and fully aware of their work environment. These types of bosses have been working in the same company for a long time and therefore, have a clear understanding of where the future of the company lies. Pros – Great anticipation skills. He/She possesses excellent managerial and professional skills. Cons – Too much experience may lead to ignorance and in some cases arrogance.
3. Outspoken and friendly bosses – If your boss goes out of their way to engage with their employees or tries to blend in with their team, then he/she is surely an outspoken and a friendly personality. They try and maintain a cordial relationship with their employees so as to ensure a friendly space in the office. Pros: Approachable and welcoming. Sympathetic and also understanding of their employee needs. Cons: Lack of constructive criticism. Inability to draw a line between personal and professional life.
4. The Quick decision makers – In the professional world, often there are times when the bosses have to make a difficult choice and may even have to hurt people’s feelings for the benefit of the company. If your boss is someone who are clear about their thoughts and face no problem is making choices, then they are the type who are quick decision makers.

Pros: Immediate action, ability to take risks and more power and control over one’s professional life

Cons: Possibility of high-end risks.

5. The strict workaholics – Some bosses are very dedicated to their work and are very determined to achieve the set targets. Therefore, during this process of work, they become strict workaholics who cannot detach from their professional world. In doing so, they also create a work environment that is very stressful as well as very productive.

Pros: Determined, work-oriented and hardworking.

Cons: Inability to maintain a work-life balance. Stressed and may face burnouts.