Controversial radio host, Salifu Maase, popularly known as Mugabe, has started a turf war with the British High Commissioner to Ghana on Twitter over the former’s decision to visit his family in the UK.

The twitter war was triggered by a tweet from the radio show host stating he would soon leave Ghana to visit his family in the UK to which the High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin replied to thank him for apparently ‘forewarning’ them.

Maase, whose party, the National Democratic Congress, lost the just ended elections in Ghana appeared not enthused by the High Commissioner’s response, which he interpreted to mean a possible ban of him entering the UK.

He tweeted: “I will visit my wife said kids in the UK soon” to which Mr Benjamin responded: ” Well, thanks for letting us know. There is a saying in English: “forewarned is forearmed”.

But Maase, who was jailed four months by the Supreme Court for making threatening statement against the judges, cast doubt over a possible ban of him visiting his family by the High Commission.

“If Kennedy Agyapong can travel to where ever he want in this world I don’t think you pple will be a barrier to me visiting my family in UK,” he tweeted, but ostensibly not happy with the use of the phrase “you people,” Mr Benjamin replied: ” Oh! “You people”? I see. Well, well, well.”

A follower who was following the banter between the two and was shocked by the posture of Maase tweeted “…he probably doesn’t know who you [Jon Benjamin] are” but that appeared to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Mugabe then fired back at the follower and asked whether Mr Benjamin is he God, stating that the only person he fears in this world is God and not a fellow human being.

“Is he God? The only person I fear in this world is God (Allah) not a fellow human being,” he tweeted. Mugabe again tweeted the “UK is not Heaven,” when another follower pointed out to him that Mr Benjamin is the British High Commissioner to Ghana.