The United States (US) Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. Robert Jackson, has given high marks to the Peace Corps for the immeasurable service to humanity and urged them to continue to work diligently to touch more lives.

They should positively impact the lives of the people in areas they had volunteered to serve.

He was addressing 26 American volunteers in the country to provide free service in support of the growth of the agricultural sector.

They would be working with farmers in the areas of food crop and cashew farming, shea-butter and soap making, snail and animal rearing.

They would additionally expose the farmers to best business practices and record keeping.

Mr. Jackson reminded them to go the extra mile to build strong relationships and motivate the communities to accept change - new ideas to become more productive.

The expectation, he said, was that they would become effective agents of change to aid people in the communities to make optimal use of their resources.

Miss Carla Ellis, the Peace Corps Country Director, said their goal was to commit young American citizens to contribute to the development of the world.

She asked the volunteers to respect the culture and values of the host communities.