A lot of people do not even know that something like VAT exists. What is VAT? How is it calculated? When do you need to register for VAT? These are some of the many questions you need to have answers for even if you are not related to finance or taxation. VAT (Value Added Tax) is the additional sum of money which users have to pay at each stage of product development. When a product is being engineered, it goes through a lot of intermediate stages. In case of VAT, the tax is added at each stage. In the end, a total value is determined and it has to be paid by the buyer.


The use of VAT for Custom officials

VAT is applied on all kinds of products and business owners should be aware of this fact. Whether you are manufacturing the products locally or they are being imported, VAT would be applied. The process differs when it comes to imported products. For such products, the import duty factor comes into play. Custom officials are connected to the calculation of VAT for imported products. These professionals need to determine the VAT of imported products. They need an accurate option through which they can determine the VAT without any doubts about accuracy.

  • Custom officials have to calculate the VAT of several products and they do not have the time to perform manual calculations for each of them. Thus, a reliable tool like the calculators.tech VAT calculator comes in handy for them.

Custom officials need to opt for a reliable tool

There is no room for any errors when the VAT of a product is being determined. In case of an incorrect value, a negative impact would be applied on all users. The Calculators.tech VAT calculator is an amazing tool for custom officials and all other people who need to determine VAT.

  • Time is not an area of worry if you are using this tool. This is a fast paced option and developed using the latest technological frameworks. Thus, there are no problems like application crashes or response problems. When the user enters the input values, the tool determines the VAT in a short while. As a result, the user does not have to wait for long for the VAT value to be determined. This is exactly what custom officials look for. They need to determine the VAT without waiting a lot.


The Calculators.tech VAT calculator – Usage and Options

It is always good to have complete information about the tool before you actually start using it. In this way, a lot of time is not needed to adapt the features of the tool. Here are some points which explain the usage and options of this tool.


  • Easy to enter input values

When people seek tools to perform financial calculations, they prefer options that are simple to use. No one has the time to check complex options, spend time on learning them and then use them. The VAT calculator by Calculators.tech is a very simple tool. Users do not need to go through complex technical options to learn the usage. The overall usage of the tool is amazingly easy. When you open the link, you would see the input text boxes on the left side of the page. In these boxes, you would be required to enter the price of product and VAT percentage. The Gross price and Tax amount and calculated on the basis of these two input values.


  • Completely dependable calculations

There are several VAT calculators available online but it is hard to trust most of them. A substandard tool can ruin the calculations performed so you need to opt for the best option available. The calculators.tech VAT calculator is a better option that other options available to the user. Custom professionals and other people using this calculator can count on it. It is reliable and the results produced do not have to be rechecked in any manner.


  • Interface is easy to use

It is not recommended to use a tool with a difficult interface. The calcuators.tech VAT calculator has a simple interface which users find easy to learn. Along with that, the tool is completely free and used online. Users do not have to install anything to use this tool. This is another benefit for users as they do not need to go through any installation procedures.


  • Free usage without any time restriction

Time is a critical aspect for everyone when they are selecting an online tool. A lot of tools have trial versions and you can use them for a fixed span of time. When the trial version ends, you would have to purchase the paid version to continue usage. The calculators.tech VAT calculator is a free tool that can be used for an unlimited span of time. This simply means that you can use it for as long as you wish to without making any payments. It is hard to find a quality VAT calculator which can be used for free for an unlimited span of time.



VAT calculators actually reduce the stress that users have to go through when they are performing calculations. These are technological tools so you do not need to do any hard work yourself. All the calculations would be performed by the tool without the user putting in any effort. Custom professionals need to calculate the VAT of various products imported. Thus, they prefer tools which are quick and calculate VAT without any kind of issues. The Calculators.tech VAT calculator is an amazing option to look at.

With this VAT calculator, users simply need to open the link and enter core parameters including the product price and VAT percentage. When these details have been entered, the Gross Price and Tax amount would be calculated. These are basically the output parameters generated after the calculations have been completed. A quality VAT calculator is essential for custom professionals as well as other people related to these financial calculations.