Former Deputy Minister of Communication and now Director of the Progressive Organization for Women Advancement (POWA), Victoria Lakshmi Hammah, has called for criticisms into TV's justification for expelling mental health advocate, Nana Abena Korkor Addo, from their women empowerment show, ‘Ladies Circle’.

Korkor who co-hosted the show with Chrystal Kwame-Aryee, Dr. Vanessa Aseye Atikpui and Anita Akua Akuffo, was sacked last week after she posted her nude on social media.

Breaking the news on her Instagram page, Abena Korkor disclosed that management of Media General called to inform her that they were taking her off the show.

According to her, they cited a recent video of her wearing only lingerie as the reason for the sacking.

Abena Korkor went ahead to reveal that the sponsors raised issues with the said video which they do not want to be associated with their brands, and thus what compelled her employers to swiftly act.

“May I loose it all but not myself. I am no longer a TV presenter, in fact, I don’t fit the script and I don’t think I ever will. No one should tag any organization here.” She shared on Instagram.

Reacting to this, Victoria Hammah questioned why the "progressive forces" in the country have been silent about Media General's reason for sacking the "beautiful young lady".

"Why are the progressive forces of our society silent about TV3's justification for dismissing Korkor?," she questioned on Facebook sighted by

She continued, "This beautiful young lady represents invisible disabilities that many people are dealing with in silent for the fear of stigmatization.

"For once why can't our society face the realities of mental health? Korkor is a brave woman and I am so proud of her."

Ms Hammah added, "Please let's right thinking Ghanaians join her to bring light to mental health. mental health is Real. Mental Health is a real Struggle."