A woman in southwest China who disrupted traffic by scattering 16,369 yuan (US$2,374) in cash on the street at a busy pedestrian crossing later told police that she did so because she was “in a bad mood”, a local newspaper reported.

Wads of mostly 100 yuan notes were strewn across the street in Chongqing, but other pedestrians simply surrounded the area and watched without scrambling to collect the scattered money, according to the Chongqing Morning Post .

Police arrived quickly and collected the scattered bills. The police later found the woman and returned her money. She justified her behaviour by saying that she was “in a bad mood.
Police later told reporters that

“in the afternoon, a long-haired woman, wearing a leather jacket and shorts, walked out of a pharmacy and onto the pedestrian crossing. She then stopped and took handfuls of notes from her tote bag and tossed them on the street.”

Surveillance footage of the woman’s behaviour caused a stir when it was posted online.

Watch the video below...