A video going round on social media has got tongues wagging as a lady in the studios of Accra based Okay Fm is seen showing off her red panties to a live camera and guests in the studio.

It is not yet known the program that was ongoing at the time but it could be seen in the video of a man hotly arguing with the lady about the colour of her panty.

The man argued that if they are bold to bare it all on Instagram to the whole world why can't she do it in the small studio with only a handful of people.

Out of sheer bravado the lady whose name has been given as Nafisah and believed to be 19 years old lifted her dress to show a side of her panties but not satisfied, the guy still insisted he gets up and shows off her panties which she obliged.

Nafisah then got up lifted her full dress showing her red pants and her full bum cheeks while sensually shaking her butts to the camera.